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Sunday, May 17, 2009

All Things Mom

I took pictures of mom in the shawl I made her for Mother's Day and the lilac shorter cape I made her. Here they are (remember, she does NOT like to have her picture taken!):

And while I was there I made a few washcloths because I didn't want to work on anything really big. I made a couple and told Mom to pick which one she wanted and the other was to be given to her cousin Priscilla. I do not know which one she chose so I will post pictures of both of those here.

I made a couple other washcloths, too, but now that I am home again I am working on the denim colored capelet like mom's lilac one.
So I did keep busy while I was gone. I will finish the washcloth I started on the airplane last night which is a pattern sent to me by a swap buddy in a swap-bot swap. I am thinking maybe I will run another washcloth swap although the last one which ended May 1st has one swapper who sent but her partner never received so I will have to clear that up first if I can.
Yes, I have been crocheting a lot. I have another project in mind for my mom but that will involve finding my doily patterns and thread. I think it's been a while since I made a doily and I know she loves them.
Vacation was great but a week goes fast. Mom was very surprised and happy and that was the intent. I try to indulge myself once a year when I get my tax refund. This year it was surprising Mom. Definitely a good use. :)