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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Look What Busy Hands Make!

This pink popcorn scarf (there is fringe which you can see at the top of the picture) was crocheted for my mom.  It was easy to do and didn't take an awful lot of time.  Ally liked it so much that I made one in burgundy for her.

To go with her burgundy popcorn scarf, I made Ally this popcorn water bottle cozy.  Interestingly enough, I had this pattern from my crochet calendar which has a pattern every two days (except Friday/Saturday/Sunday) and bonus patterns.  I had wanted to try this anyway and as soon as I figured out it was a perfect match to the scarf, I made it for her.

Here is my infamous model showing off the grey crochet cowl I also made for Ally.  All of her items will be shipped to her tomorrow together with pictures I took while I was on vacation in New Hampshire during October.

Yes, I have been doing tons of crochet.  Two hat patterns did NOT turn out the size I wanted even after changing hook sizes UP 2 sizes.  Those are more for children and so I will donate those in December at the Legal Secretaries Meeting when we have a local battered women's shelter speaker (annual event).  So I gave up on a crochet hat for the moment.  Later I will post the picture of the KNIT hat I made Matt yesterday while I was sitting around waiting for work from my employer.  Oh, and then I started ANOTHER hat which I will work on and eventually send to my mom to give to a local charity there.  Actually I may make a few other items and send for her to give, too.  I also completed a knit scarf for my mom for Christmas.  She will wear scarves a lot which is why I make so many for her.

Oh, did I mention that I completed ALL of these projects in the month of October and that with the exception of the popcorn scarves (mom's was finished prior to vacation and Ally's during vacation) I have made all these things since I returned from vacation on the 14th!

I have a baby afghan I need to get back to work on so perhaps I will take that with me when I go to Reno with my friend Amy on the 12th.

The wonderful thing about winter and cool weather is I can always be working on something crafty when I am sitting in front of the television.  Once I finish the hat to send mom I will have to see about starting other Christmas projects, all small, of course.  Perhaps if things are going well and I get enough hours at the beginning of the year to go completely off unemployment then I will splurge and buy yarn to make an afghan.  Yes!  An afghan!  Ambitious, I know.  So only time will tell.  I may lose my motivation.  It's happened before!

So, as I always say, I'm still being crafty and I'm still ranting.  May your crafty rantings bring you as much joy as mine do me... well, ok, the crafty part anyway!