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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Projects

OK, I'm envious. Everybody has been making felted purses lately but me. Making the felted bowls revived my interest in felted items. Now I need to start a purse. I have the yarn for the Spring Fling. Why am I hesitating? Maybe it's because I saw how lovely Linda's new bag is and THAT is what I want next. Or the companion bag Roni made. OK, I admit it - I want both. If I can get Linda to help me I will make that one with some of the new yarn I have coming which I mostly bought for felted bowls. I admit, there were a couple colors I bought 2 skeins of so that would work for a purse. And if not, oh well, back to KnitPiks for more shopping!

I am a yarn addict. Oh wait... I hear everyone in my KC is a yarn addict.

I have a friend whose granddaughter is raising lambs. I already asked her to save us the wool. :) I told her we'd send it off somewhere to get cleaned. So now it'll be up to Brooke to help us with this project if Dani (the granddaughter) is willing to let us have the wool.

Later this month the KC is headed to Dixon for a wool festival.

Nah, we're not addicted, are we? hehehehehe

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Update - Large Bowl

Here's the large bowl, dry. It still has a lot of its color in the light. I admit I like the size but it still seems a bit "floppier" than the small one. To be honest I can't think that they'd be of much use except to hold items to decorate your home with but that certainly would never stop me! I have vases in my livingroom holding my needles (bamboo in one, the fun ones some of us from the KC bought at Joann's in clear with twirls in them - hard to explain but they know what I mean!). If I can get myself in gear the next time the roses in the back yard bloom I can pick some and put them in the bowl to dry and add some scent to a room. Still, they are pretty and were a good use for the yarn my Secret Pal sent me. I will say this, though... while I have thought of making a set of the large and small to give away as gifts, because I think the small are cuter, if I do decide to do that I will make two small ones instead. But they are fast and pretty and definitely on my list of items to make as gifts. Not too much time or effort and a beautiful product!