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Monday, August 31, 2009

Still Busy

Yes, I am still making a ton of washcloths. I am also doing a bunch of swaps. I need to go shopping for one because it's a profile based swap. At least I have my list. I am also still contemplating starting a "washcloth only" blog which is why there are no pictures. I am, surprisingly, working on two things which are NOT washcloths. Both of which I had started a while ago. One is a scarflet. I actually picked it up and did a few rows this weekend. The other I have not picked up lately and need to but since it's for me, it's at the bottom of the list.

I will download the pictures from my camera and post a few of the washcloths I've done. I have been experimenting with edgings and patterns. And now I seem to be back into knitting. But perhaps I will crochet a couple more for the swaps since that's faster. I did make one to take with me when I go to New Hampshire in October for my mom. I hate to arrive with nothing handmade for her! Of course I made so many things for Mother's Day (and the surprise visit) that I hope she doesn't expect as much then! I am thinking perhaps I can make her a couple of tie pillows for her livingroom while I'm there if I can find just what I want. We'll see.

More later. Keep being crafty! I will!