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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finally, Pictures!

OK, here are the long-promised pictures. First the two round washcloths I made and kept for myself or swapping because I just couldn't bear to part with them yet.

As you can see from not just these two but the next pictures I'll put in here that once I found the pamphlet with the patterns for the round ones I got on a kick and made a bunch. One of the ones I sent to my mother which was round and of the same color as the other two whose pictures WILL be here, well, I truly didn't care much for the pattern so I didn't take a picture but I did feel it was still good enough for the charity sale. Here are the two I sent mom:

So as you can see all four were different patterns. I like all of these. I admit one of the reasons I am posting the pictures is so I will have a reference next time I want to make one.
So I set a goal for myself to finish the last scarf and work on the triangle one. I have done both and am hoping to finish the triangle one before next week so I can give it to Susan when I see her again on Thursday. I have not picked up the capelet or the hat. I need to devote time to those, I know, especially since I am close to done on the capelet. I am going to force myself to finish that after I finish Susan's scarf.
Here's a list of my projects, begun or planned:
1. Susan's triangle accent scarf (started) - knit, pattern from my Knitting Daily calendar, size 5 bamboo needles, cream alpaca.
2. Capelet for me (started) - crochet, adapted pattern same as the lilac one I made mom, size J hook, metal (only kind I can seem to crochet with - old habits die hard!), denim colored baby yarn, "pound of love" skein - yeah, I know, it's not "better" yarn but it's soft and just what I want for ME.
3. Child's hat (started) - crochet, pattern from a website which I believe was Bev's child's cap but not sure, size I hook, metal, dark brown acrylic - color matches my great nephew's eyes perfectly, just like his dad and his grampy (who he seems to like to call "The Man" or just "Man").
4. Freakishly odd looking scarf for me (started) - knit, 15 stitches, garter stitch only, size 13 needles which are acrylic and totally cool looking and to use, light pink and raspberry fun fur. Yes, you heard me - fun fur. Fuzzy and really odd looking but strangely compelling.
5. Scarflet for my mom's cousin Priscilla (planned) - knit, same pattern as the one I made Mom and her friend Cil and me. I think it's size 11 neeles and it's a different color inside the acrylic needle like the ones above in #3 (should take a picture to show these cool needles - bought on sale in Hemet during my first visit after Matt was born and each size has a different twisting color inside the clear acrylic and it makes it incredibly easy to find which size you want!). I just purchased yarn for this tonight because the alpaca I purchased to make this is way, way, way too thin to use. I will either gift those two black skeins or use for something smaller and more delicate. I purchased some Angel Hair Boucle. Never worked with it but the texture seems right.
6. Two more washcloths for mom to give away in that bright variegated color, probably crochet and unsure of the pattern (planned). I need to get moving on these as she needs them by the middle of the month. Might not make that deadline.
I will have busy fingers this long weekend!


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