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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Clever Knittism

5elementknitr at is running a swap where you send a skein of nice yarn and a t-shirt with a knitting related saying on it. I am seriously thinking of joining. Anyway... she said it was inspired by a t-shirt she saw (and if she or I ever find it, I'll post a link!). The t-shirt said: "If yarn were Meth I'd have no teeth."
If you knit, you get it. Kinda related to the stash question earlier. :)

Anyone knowing where I can find such cute t-shirts in my really big size (2xl), let me know!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good Question

My friend Kaylee posted a really cool question on her blog. If you have a suggestion, please email me.

"How do you explain your stash to a muggle?"

If you don't understand the question, that's ok. But if you do, I'd love to hear YOUR response!

And yes, I've been knitting. Washcloths, the shawl for a row or two, and quite a few cute little coffee cozies that you slip onto your cardboard bought container of Starbucks (or other buy-away-from-home coffee). I will try to take some pictures. I made one using cotton and I personally think it's too big so I am going to make another only a few stitches smaller. I love the cable ones.

But right now, I am just dying to hear YOUR answer as to how YOU explain your stash to a muggle. :)