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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer in Chico

It's getting really, really hot here again. Yes, I am actually working on things and have finished a couple. I have no pictures to post at the moment. I am currently working on the following:

1. Denim colored capelet (like Mom's lilac one) for myself. Crochet.
2. Brown child's hat (experiment). I have ordered yarn to make a hat for Matt and one for Andrew for their December birthdays. If I don't like this I will have to try a different pattern. In any case if this is good I may take it to Andrew when I go in October. Crochet.
3. Another pink washcloth in the same pattern as the one I made for the "Think Pink" swap I joined at swap-bot which starts tomorrow. It's the pattern I used for the long runner I made for my coffee table quite some time ago (I did post a picture). The pattern is called "Chains" and it's knit.
I will have to take pictures of the two washcloths I finished plus post up some from vacation that I didn't. I just get kinda tired of only posting washcloth pictures. So maybe I won't. I will definitely post a picture of the denim capelet when it's done and the hat.
Until then I sit here and melt. I got a sunburn yesterday attending 2 baseball games for 2 small girls I love dearly. Well worth it. And the youngest asked if I would make her a green scarf so I need to find some fun fur to fit the little redhead's vibrant personality. Now that ought to be fun!