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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Growing up in New England makes me frugal. We re-use everything. I'm not talking about just clothes but sandwich bags, waxed paper, aluminum foil, even pieces of paper can become bookmarks. Recycling to the max. So it really didn't seem all that strange to go to work for a recycling company here in California when my children were little, a gazillion years ago. And as I was discussing how that was good training for working in a law firm, it occured to me that there were recycling things in crafting that we all do that nobody even thinks about a second time.

For instance, I sent a package out this week and the box my Secret Pal sent my gifts in was the perfect size. The side of the box said "" and it got me to wondering how many times this particular box has been used to ship craft supplies to someone. At least 3 times that I can discern.

How many of us share patterns with others? That could be considered a form of recycling. My mother has a cousin who is preparing to move out of her house. She and her mother were big into crafts of all kinds including knitting and crochet. The cousin is going to send me all of the knitting and crochet needles she found. She already sent me a bunch of old pattern books which I love. So that's recycling.

Scraps of yarn can become granny squares. Odd beads can become part of a project. As my friend LB can tell you, anything can become part of a scrapbook.

So we're not just crafting here. We're also recycling. Something to think about.

Monday, June 05, 2006

More About My Package

On the left are the wools that I am going to make a felted bowl (or two) out of from the "One Skein" book. I am hoping to make a scarf out of the cashmere. Here's a look at the cashmere:on the right. Then there was alpaca yarn which is very soft and which I have never tried (see the picture in the center below). That will definitely be interesting! Wow... I can finally say I know something about more than just regular acrylic! And I apologize if the pictures are fuzzy. I have zoom but sometimes it doesn't really zoom very well (kinda like me!)

And finally there were all the other wonderful little presents - stitch markers, chocolates, stationary and bath products. Here's a picture of all those down on the left. As I said... I have definitely been spoiled!


Oh WOW! My Secret Pal is absolutely THE GREATEST!! She definitely is spoiling me! I received a package filled with wonderful things to use and try! I will try to post pictures of the yarn groups etc. by themselves in the next post. Here's a picture of everything. The back row contains some gorgeous pink note cards and a pink journal. There is shower gel, body lotion and bath salts in lemon raspberry which I can't wait to try! Also in the back is a gorgeous ball of CASHMERE yarn! And because I haven't used Alpaca, my wonderful secret pal sent me FOUR! balls of really gorgeous alpaca yarn which is in the front of the picture. And then there were 4 balls of wonderful wool yarn which I am going to use to make a felted bowl (or bowls if there's enough). There are beautiful stitch markers for me to use. A box of GODIVA chocolates to eat while I'm knitting. AND there was a beautiful note. I can't gush enough about how special my Secret Pal is... that's what I have determined she really is... besides Secret Pal, she is a Special Pal. Thank you!!! And over the weekend she recommended a bunch of books, too! Am I lucky or am I lucky?!?!!! Thank you VERY VERY MUCH SP!!