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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Something for Me

This afghan is crocheted and I made it for me!  I almost never make things for myself but I saw this crochet pattern and thought it was cute and wanted to make it.  Took a lot longer than I thought for various reasons.  I decided instead of being one color I would make it pink and burgundy stripes.  Each section is 20 rows long and there are 3 pink and 2 burgundy.  I had purchased (don't get upset!) a one pound skein of each.  Sadly I was just starting row 15 of the last pink section when I ran out of yarn.  I had to go buy more.  Oh well now I have a lot to make scarves or hats or cowls or something. Hope people like pink!

Here's what the pattern looks like up close.
 It's a combination of shells and post stitches.  Makes like a running border.  Anyway it is beautiful.  In a way I wish it were wider because I'm a big person but it's still wide enough to cover me.

Next on the project list... I am going to start a crochet tote bag for myself.  This will be the project I work on at home since it's for me and just for fun.  The project I'm going to take to work is for Ally and I'm not talking about what it is just yet.  Wait until she gets it in the mail.

Now that my computer is running very well, even better than when it was new, I can blog again! It's just finding time.  And remembering to do it.  But rest assured that I am still being crafty and still ranting.

Crochet on!