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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Last of the Winter Crafting?

Oh I don't know. Maybe. Here are pictures of a scarf I made for a swap and the other for Andrew. Same pattern, different sizes. Yes, the same one I used to make the afghan.

I did not put fringe on Andrew's scarf because, well, he's a boy. But I put extra long fringe on the scarf I made for the private swap because, well, she's a lady. And the pattern is not only easy but beautiful. I thought they looked like crossed bobbles but my swap partner said she thought they looked like hearts! How nice!
Then someone commissioned me to make a pair of knee warmers. I'll post the picture that's an up close one of the finished pair. I had done them on size 4 straight needles and had to sew up a seam. Well I thought since the pattern said you could do them on circulars I would try that for a nice seamless pair. I ordered a size 4 circular and it finally arrived. When I finish the pair I will post a picture. I am almost done the first one. Anyway, the hardest part about the circulars was that even though I was making this pair bigger than the other (original called for 80 stitches but I thought that was small so I am doing 100 this time), I had to pull the loop thingy for the first round until I got it started and could then stretch it out enough to use the entire circular. If you have no idea what I am taking about that's fine. It's hard to explain. Anyway since it starts with ribbing I knew once the horrible first row was done I could make it work. And I know what to do to start the next one.

If these turns out nicely then I may make myself a pair. I am hoping to get them done soon so my mom can use them while it's still cold. Here's the pair. BTW they are beige with a black stripe. I am currently working on a light grey pair with a black stripe.