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Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Few Things

Last year I made a scarf for Susan for her birthday out of Triana ribbon yarn.  Yes, it's beautiful but horribly expensive.  And it appears it has gone up in price again this year.  I had one ball left of the purple I purchased last year when it was on sale and right before I became unemployed.  No way I could afford that now.  But I like the idea and wanted to make something similar for Ally for her birthday.  What a nice surprise in an email from Joann's that they were going to be carrying versions by Red Heart and when I saw it in the store in the various colors, combined with the incredibly affordable price, I bought the blue version to make a scarf for Ally and a rose/pink/burgundy to make for me.  I have since bought other colors and have one that's been sitting on my needles for quite some time.  It's just too hot to do much.

Anyway this is what I sent Ally for her birthday.  She likes it.  It's fashionable, not practical.  But I haven't made anything for her since Christmas last year and even though the postage was expensive, to hear how happy she was made my day.

I have made her a couple of potholders for her new apartment (well new in March).  I've made some crochet tote bags which still need pictures taken.  They were incredibly cute.  After making the first in the same pink/white/orange yarn when I made the second I used a solid color for the gusset and handles (purple) to compliment the purple/blue/light blue ombre I used for the body.  The really didn't take that long and since I had experience with bags from the knitting classes years ago (remember the Knitting Circle?  I miss that group!).  Perhaps this winter I will be doing more crafting as I have the ambition and some yarn and perhaps the budget will allow for new yarn although I have plenty of it and am starting to use up small amounts.  I am no longer depressed about being unemployed because I have a part time job (only 10 hours but it's a start) which should eventually work into enough to get me off unemployment and to make a decent living.  I was hired at the end of June and the good news is I work from home!  Anyway, last winter while I was so depressed I couldn't make anything even though I had a lot of yarn.  Oh, I made things.  But this year I have more ambition.

Anyway, there is something I've made which I can't post a picture of because it's a birthday present.  And another thing I am working on but due to the 100+ heat this summer I just can't work on for more than a few minutes because it's hot to handle.  Waiting for the weather to cool down.  My hands are itching to make something so I think I will pull out my patterns and needles (or crochet hook) and make a washcloth or two to keep my hands busy.

Hopefully I can bring myself to take pictures off the camera more often and to post!