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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Busy Fingers

I thought I hadn't been really doing much of anything since I finished Kristen's doily but I know that isn't true. I realized it last night when I cast on a hat for Ally but it was yesterday afternoon when I finished the doily I was making for the Delicate Doily swap I'm doing at Swap-bot when it really hit me. I had been working on that doily since last Friday. I started it in the airport waiting to go to see Ally, Sean, Matt and Joey for Easter weekend. While I was there I had a terrible time and had to keep ripping it out. And then when I got home on row 16 of 22 of the medium sized doily, I looked and saw that there was no way on earth I would have enough thread to finish the medium one. I had done a medium one (for Mom - see previous post) and that took 300 yards (or one ball of thread) so I figured I could do the same with the thread left over from Kristen's doily. Uh, well, considering I had used quite a bit to finish that one, there wasn't the entire 300 yards, obviously, and therefore not enough for a medium sized doily. I think there were 200 yards left. Anyway, I ripped it back to row 7 (which is halfway for the small doily) and finished it. But it was finishing it that made me realize what a hard thing this one particular doily was to make! And it shouldn't have been! But, of course, needing to change size was the hard part.

I love this pattern. Someday when I have an unopened really, really big ball of thread, or when I buy myself five balls of a color I love, I will make the large size for myself. I want a medium one because it's a great size and in colored thread it is so absolutely gorgeous! I think this is the first time I have ever made a pattern where the first doily was given away instead of for me. That one went to Jan for her birthday. And now I have made a medium for Mom for Mother's Day and a small for the swap. 3 from the pattern and not one for me! So maybe after I finish Ally's hat I will make a medium for me. I'd really like one. I am thinking that for the large (which will go beautifully on the antique bureau in my bedroom) I need to find burgundy thread. I might have to buy that over the net so I'll make a big purchase of lots of colored thread when I do. Anyway, here's the doily for the swap. The pattern I used for Jan with the thread I used for Kristen. I really like how this looks.