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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Recently Made...

Using a color to match the hat I made Dad, I made him a scarf. It was just crochet with 26 double crochet stitches for however long I wanted it to be. Here's what it looks like:

For her birthday my mom requested another pair of pebble rib slipper socks. She said she had worn a hole in the heel of one of them. I found some chunky Deborah Norville yarn at Joann's that I thought would work up well. My friend Brooke generously sent me some of the yarn we had used before (Encore) in grey and I will make that up at a later date. I fell in love with this color. So I actually finished the pair on her birthday (takes about a day for each sock) but I wanted to make her something to go with it so the envelope will hopefully go out to her either tomorrow or Tuesday. I purchased two skeins of yarn and used one for the first and one for the second. It left me with quite a bit of yarn so I decided to make her something to match. I used the same stitch and made her a muff. I basically knit the cuff from the pattern and kept going until it was long enough, did a bind off and then sewed the tube together and turned it inside out with the pattern outside to match the slipper sock. I think it's kinda cute! Here are the pictures:

I'm sure she'll like them. And I liked the color so much that I went back and bought two more balls and just finished the first pebble rib slipper sock for me. I have a pair but I think they are in the storage unit in a plastic bag somewhere, like most of my belongings. So until I find them, I'm making a pair for me.