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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy Even On Vacation

Yup, I made a lot of washcloths while I was on vacation. Here are pictures of two of them:

These two were made for Mom. I don't expect you can see the pattern on the left but let's just say that I found this by accident. I was looking for patterns to take with me and there was a one page email I had sent myself with a 4 row pattern. Had no idea what it would look like because, obviously, I did not send myself a picture. So I tried the pattern before vacation and loved it. I have been making lots of washcloths in both of the above patterns. I think I did well while on vacation - I completed 8 in 13 days and I have one on the needles about half done which I worked on during the flight home.

I want to post this picture because I was so proud of this hat! I made a hat for Andrew in a brown to match his eyes. Doesn't he look cute?!? He loved the gifts Auntie brought him and I loved doing it for him. Look at my adorable great nephew.