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Friday, August 24, 2007

Birthday Presents and Catching Up

Refer to an earlier post. Vicky received her dishcloths at dinner tonight. One of them I did not take a picture of to post before or now because it's just, well, something she liked but not me.

I am in the middle of one dishcloth, just finished another and am thinking now is the time to sit down and work a little on my mom's shawl. Except that it's hard in 100 degree weather.

I have two or three dishcloth patterns I want to start. I am trying to control myself. These are knit and since I have been doing a lot of crochet lately, it's good to have an interest in getting back to knitting. I think I found a nice lacy scarf pattern to use for some of the nice yarn I have. Again, another winter project. First winter project is Amy's birthday felted hat.

Oh, speaking of felting... the wonderful woman who cleans my house thought she was doing me a favor today when she cleaned and threw out the box I use to block my felted purses. It was just an empty box with a plastic bag on it, after all. And the felting jeans which ARE clean but ratty and which really work very well in felting, she thought they were dirty (they were sitting on top of the purse blocking box) so they ended up in the clothes basket I keep by the dryer. Oops... no big deal. And I can always make myself another purse blocking box if I ever decide to make another purse. I know when it gets cooler I may decide to pick a couple larger projects like a purse and other felted things and work on those.

For now it's hot and working on anything WOOL or large is just out of the question. Maybe I ought to start a little side business and make custom dishcloths for people. Maybe that would take my obsession away. :) Yeah, right. :)

BTW, going to see Matt and his parents on September 7th. It's been 3 months since I've seen him! Can't wait! I think I will bring one of the cloths for him. Time to look for an easy baby sweater pattern, maybe? A pullover with only a few pieces? Do I dare? The last sweater I made was in college when I was 19. How many decades ago was that? Oh please my friends, don't go there. :)