Crafty Rantings

I'm Crafty. I Rant. These are Crafty Rantings!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Thank you SP! I love the postcard! What a nice surprise when I went to pick up my mail! I'm a lucky penguin! Thanks for making my day!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy Penguin

No pictures... sorry! Later there may be a picture or two but until the holidays are over, I still have a few secrets to keep!

I have been one very busy penguin. I made something quick for my Secret Pal to go in the package which I have to get out this week. I've also been working on Brooke's Mary Jane slippers. And I want to finish one project that I have had 6 rows to do since Thanksgiving. Oh yes, and that project I started for myself. I got half of it done earlier this week but put it aside to work on the quick present and Brooke's project. I have given myself a deadline for Brooke's project (which I will not discuss) so that means get busy and work.

My Christmas will be spent with those I hold near and dear to my heart who are familyby heart even though they are not family by blood. They generously invite me into their home for every holiday and they treat me just like family and I know that I am always welcome there even if I'm just passing through town.

So while I await Matt's impending arrival this month, I will finish some projects and get ready to spend Christmas in Gridley and a January trip to Hemet where Ally, Sean and Matt reside. But mostly, I think, I am anxious for Matt to safely arrive.

I may be crafty but I am not ranting... pacing... not ranting. At least not yet. :)