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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Am I Thinking?!?

I purchased a crochet pattern book last week and thought why not try one of those today. I mean I was going to start the next triangle scarf but wasn't concentrating and finally gave up, ripped it out and will try tomorrow. And I purchased everything for a knit project for me but am not motivated to start it yet. So I thought it would be nice to make a washcloth in a new pattern. Probably won't take long, right? Easy, right? Well these are all new patterns and while I have seen others with things like "crossed" stitches, I have never done one. But darn it, I wanted to try. So I've got one about half done. I imagine this would be nice (and definitely easier to do!) for an afghan with (STOP SHUDDERING!) acrylic yarn. Make a bunch of squares and since it's all done in crochet, crochet them together with a corresponding color. No, borders don't always need to be black or white! But for now I am making a washcloth. Perhaps one day I will start making a few of these with acrylic and put them in a pile to join into an afghan one day. If they aren't all the same size I could easily do that by adding border rows so they are all the same size and while it might look funky, I think it would be neat.

But geez, what am I thinking?!? How many little projects am I going to work on this weekend? Wait... I know the answer. As many as I need to keep the boredom away. BTW, the funky scarf for me doesn't have enough yarn nor does the scarflet I started and I forgot to buy more yarn for the scarflet today so it's back to Joann's tomorrow. This is why I'm starting other things.

Yeah, I know... it'd be nice if that lie was convincing. Especially to me. hehe


Susan's birthday isn't until the 20th but since I don't get to see her very often I thought I would give it to her at the meeting we were attending this week. I hope she can figure it out! Here's what her triangle scarf looks like. And you can wear these in any manner you want. It's just an accent scarf.

And then for a swap I made this which turned out to be a lot bigger than I thought. I liked the pattern so I've made a couple for use here at home.

Then using this same color (which is the color I made the previous washcloths for my mom to give away for a charity fundraiser) I made these. The picture on the right is a washcloth and four matching coasters. I made that set for Mom to keep but we'll see if she does. If not then perhaps I will make her some when I visit in October.

So as you can see I've been busy. I made two big washcloths last night and today I am going to cast on another triangle scarf for a friend for her birthday. I am going to use bigger needles because the alpaca is so fine. I also want to cast on another experiment. I know... I haven't worked on the child's hat. That project is going to wait.

Next weekend I am going away so I will take something small, probably crochet, with me to work on during the drive and in my relaxing time.

This weekend I am looking forward to plenty of time to make a few small things. I love being able to finish things quickly that are cute. Hmm... maybe I should start a doily again.

Until my next post, craft happily and remember that Crafty Rantings keep me sane.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Flying Fingers

Over the course of the weekend my fingers were flying as you can see from previous posts. Here's what you don't know... what I did yesterday.

I finished the one washcloth I had started to send my mom for her charity thing which is next week. Then I finished 2 more. And then I finished a set of 4 coasters to match one of the washcloths. Oh and did I mention that I also worked on the scarflet for my mom's cousin? Oh wait... can't tell you that... didn't mention I had even STARTED it!

So the only thing on my list I didn't touch this weekend was the child's hat. I may not get to that for a bit. I am not in the mood.

I'm probably going to have to purchase more yarn for the scarflet because just looking at it I know I don't have enough. And for the funky scarf, either. But that is just a pickup project.

Of course what else do I do but buy myself another pamphlet with washcloth patterns. Now I'm itching to try some of those. I have also decided to cast on another triangle scarf but with bigger needles. If it's decent enough I will give it to Vicky for her birthday. I was going to make her a doily but I am just so NOT in the mood to do doilies. Don't know why. It's not because it's crochet - everything I made yesterday was crochet and I am going to start another one or two crochet projects. Must just be the fact it's a doily. Who knows. I have two balls of black alpaca which is what I will use to make the triangle scarf for Vicky. I would use the one ball I have left of the cream but I don't want to run out and black is more her color anyway. I will know for sure after I show it to her tomorrow and see if she likes it. If she doesn't, I'll make something else in a hurry.

Pictures are still in the camera. Later I'll post them.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Oh look! I set some goals for myself AND I MADE IT!!!
Here is Susan's triangle scarf for her birthday. I just laid it out to take the picture but you can wear it a bunch of ways. It's really kinda cute.

And so then after I finished this (and I am itching to start another with bigger needles!) I picked up the capelet which I haven't worked on in a while. I had a pleasant shock when I looked at the row counter and realized I was on row 23 of 24! So I started in and just kept at it and now... the picture isn't the best but I wanted to post this because I finished it last night and wanted to brag but was too tired to blog and take pictures. It's just like Mom's lilac colored one. But this one is for me (hence taking a long time to finish it).

I know I should work on the hat next but I think today I will finish the washcloth which is started (crochet) and maybe work a bit on the funky scarf (did a couple rows last night) but the scarf is more of a pick-up project. I am not motivated to work on the hat yet so perhaps it is time to go through the patterns and pick something fast and small. Or start another triangle scarf. Who knows. I finished one project that I really wanted to have done before Thursday this week and I finished a long-time project. And this is why, I remember, I don't make afghans anymore or anything much that is big. I do have a baby afghan started sitting in a project bag which is crochet that I may go back to now. Or not. Doesn't matter. I will have things to work on.
And today I am going to hit the sale at Joann's!
I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. America is another year older!