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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I need some suggestions. I have so much yarn and I need a better way to store it and organize it. I have a little 3 drawer plastic thing but it's full. I have another bigger one also in the closet but it's hard to get to. I can't put plastic boxes or bags under the bed because I have a platform bed with drawers (and before you ask, that's where I keep the sheets for the bed). The closets are jammed packed. If I can ever get the two big boxes of DVDs out of the closet that would help because I could buy another plastic drawer thing to put it in and that might do the trick. But if anyone has some suggestions as to what I can do to better organize my yarn considering I have NO room to expand. Maybe a suggestion on how to re-organize the loads of things in the closet.

I realized the other night how out of control my yarn is at the moment and how hard to find exactly what I'm looking for when I'm looking. And yes, it's 99% cotton.

Any suggestions are welcome. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update Soon

Over the weekend I will post a couple pictures and pose some questions. I really am still crafting, a lot actually. I need to finish one project this weekend and then I need to make a few things to take with me to New Hampshire on vacation. I have nothing to bring Mom or Cil yet. I have something for my cousin Priscilla. And I need to make something for Andrew and maybe Den. I have no idea what to make either of them. I wanted to make a hat for Andrew so maybe I'll take a pattern and the yarn with me and work on that while I'm there. Who knows. Time to make a priority list again.

More of what I need input on in a post over the weekend.

I'm craftily moving along.