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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Progress

My hands have been crafting away! I have made great progress on my NH gifting projects. Here's a look. First, Mom's doily which is exactly like the one I made myself, on the left, and the finished wristwarmers on the right:

Once I got moving on the wristwarmers (which are only rectangles of ribbing sewn up) it wasn't too bad. Had a scary moment when I thought I wouldn't have enough yarn. Probably because I had picked up the wrong yarn. Instead of the lilac merino I had set aside for some reason I picked up the purple superwash. I had enough yarn but not much left over.

I made a washcloth for Cil, my Mom's best friend. I try to make something for her, too. I love the pattern so if I finish the last one or two things I am working on, I will make one of these in a pinkish variegated for my mom.

No... wait... not done with what I've made. I hope you can see these but I can't ever seem to get the angle right. I made a washcloth for Andrew with the letter "A" on it and one for Den with a "D". Andrew's is on the left and Den's on the right. I am halfway done with one for my mom in her "J".

I also started a hat for Andrew but haven't worked on it because I'm not sure it'll be the right size. So once I finish Mom's letter washcloth I will do the one like Cil's and THEN work on the hat. I have a hat I can give my brother but it's all wool so I probably won't. I am sure I won't have time to work on a hat for him unless it's a crochet pattern.

When all the gifts for NH gifting are done I have two projects I want to get done soon to put away for holiday gifting. But even those will have to wait. I have one thing I want to get working on ASAP.

And my dear friend Kaylee sent me the most beautiful alpaca yarn! I have to figure out what to do with it. I think I am going to make myself wrist warmers, a hat and a scarf so I will have a matching set. I made a scarf with this beautiful rose yarn she sent me a couple of years ago and it's in a simple pattern which I will have to dig around to find. I think it was some kind of beginner's pattern. I love the feather and fan pattern for a scarf but already have a couple like that. I am going to dig through my "favorites" and see if I can find a pattern that will work up fast but is beautiful. I may even dig around in the crochet "favorites" as well as the knit.

So as you can see, my fingers have been busy, busy, busy and I have made great progress. Nothing works for motivation like KNOWING you have a deadline. And picking small projects to do helps. I am most proud of myself for finishing the wristwarmers because those are tedious to knit. I expect to finish mom's "J" washcloth today and then will cast on the other. I may even work on Andrew's hat. If the hat turns out to be good for his size, I will make one for Matt.

And no, haven't seen him since February, haven't talked to him on the phone and no plans to go visit although I would like to be there on his second birthday and for Christmas. I've got to put the washcloths in the mail for Ally to give to her best friend and daughters, too. And of course I'll make something for Matt to send for his birthday if I'm not there. Nothing to keep your mind off people and places you miss like busy fingers. Right?