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Friday, November 02, 2007

Quick Friday

Ok just something quick. I know I haven't posted in a while. Yes, I've been knitting and crocheting! I can't post pictures because, as usual, I'm making gifting items.

Good news! I found a color of yarn that is close to what Amy wants for her hat so when I finish my current projects, I will knit her hat. Because hats have to fit each individual head, I am going to ask her to come over some Friday or Saturday night when the hat is done so we can watch a movie and I can felt the hat while she's here. Then once it's dry she can have it. Well, ok, I'm going to crochet two or three (her choice) flowers and hand felt them but she'll have to sew them on wherever she wants them. And I still need to start a baby blanket. I have the yarn and a gazillion patterns but I can't settle on one. I also seem to have gotten into a rut (as I told my friend Corinne) since I finished the last baby afghan for Matt a year ago. I seem to only want to do little projects. A blanket isn't little. The hat isn't big but it isn't little. And when I think about it the amount of time to make a hat is probably no more than a dishcloth with a design in it.

I haven't done a KAL since August. I still belong to the Yahoo groups but I can't ever seem to get back there. I did print out a couple of the patterns that look nice but again, with a gazillion to choose from, I find I usually go back to the same 10 or so. Well except that I started an entirely new pattern a few nights ago that I am finding I like. I am bummed that I had started a new pattern and really, really liked it except that I dropped a stitch, couldn't pick it up and had to rip it out. But... I liked it enough I will try again. And someday I hope to find the pattern I tried but ripped out and still want to try again. I'll know it when I find it - it's in a sleeve protector and I put my small cable stitch holder through one of the holes and so until I find it, I have to use my medium sized one! Not my brightest move, I admit. :)

I will hopefully be able to knit or crochet today and maybe at some point be able to post pictures! Who knows! Well, after the birthday package goes out and is received, THEN I can post pictures of the contents. I am having a lot of fun trying new patterns lately.

Does this mean I'm ready to give socks another try? Who knows.