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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Danielle, Kelly and Isabelle

Oh I don't know if you can see the colors or not. The scarf on the left was made with the same kind of "fun fur" (not the brand but that fuzzy fun stuff of some other brand) and the one in the center was supposedly the same but really isn't.
Each scarf was knit in garter stitch, size 13 needles, 10 stitches. Each scarf is black fuzzy with another color fuzzy. Scarf of the left is purple with the black and I apologize again for these being hard to see even when you enlarge the picture. The center is green and the dogs in the house were always going after it when I was working on it in the livingroom because it looked like grass so eventually I only worked on it in my room or at work. The scarf on the right is pink with the black.
Danielle gets the purple/black
Isabelle gets the green/black (she requested this and the darling just turned 6 on Monday)
Kelly gets the pink/black
I know Kelly loves pink, like me. Dani will look beautiful in the purple. All the scarves are the same length and I wanted to make sure that they were enough alike that there was no fighting over who got preferential treatment. Dani and Kelly are sisters and Isabelle is their cousin. They are Susan's granddaughters who I love dearly. Every time I see them they run up and hug and kiss me and who couldn't love being treated that way?
The girls do not know they are getting these and I have not told Susan. I know Isabelle asked me to make her one but she's probably forgotten all about it.
I will have to post up what they thought of them. Even if they hate them (which I'm sure they won't) it wouldn't matter. I enjoyed making these for them. And every stitch was knit with love. They'll know that and THAT is what counts.
I love that God blessed me with talent to be able to make such fun and pretty and versatile things for the people I love. And for the friends I meet along the way.


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