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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Few Thoughts

I almost never have time to knit or crochet. I am too tired. I am too busy packing. Don't expect much out of me this month. I get to do two or three rows of a small project every other day in the morning if I'm lucky. But boy is my new house going to be wonderful!!

I will have a Yarn Room. The second bedroom downstairs is The Yarn Room. All my crafting things will go there as well as my computer. I am hoping I can manage that... I have had my computer where I could see my tv for about 10 years and I love it. I am hoping, though, that by having it in the Yarn Room that I will be in the livingroom more and will be able to knit and crochet more. Here's hoping.

And another thought I had that I wanted to blog about... Pictures.

Ever since I moved into one room the only way I can really lay out things to take pictures is on the comforter of the bed or on a tray table. When I am in my house I will have better backgrounds because I will have kitchen counters, a washing machine... lots of choices. I never realized before how much I disliked having to haul out a tray table to take a picture. And I try to take pictures before I give away or send items. And once I am in my house and can get everything put away I will be able to ...


I purposefully purchased a washing machine with an agitator. The salesman asked why I wanted that specifically and I explained it's for my knitting projects.

I have no clue how the furniture will go in the rooms. None at all. I will have to make decisions on the spot. Well, ok, that's not quite true... There really is only one place the bed can go in my bedroom and the computer in the Yarn Room. And I do know where the tv will go (again, only one spot where it can go) and I will want my big comfy chair-and-a-half near the window so I will have natural light to knit by and a good view of the tv. But still, figuring out where things go and doing it quickly has never been my strong point. I typically have a room all laid out in my head before the furnishings get there. Probably not this time, though.

One of the reasons I wanted a 3 bedroom house for one person is so that I would have a bedroom for company and a Yarn Room. Actually I am putting my futon in the Tile Room (yes, two named rooms!) outside the half bath and the room which is supposed to be the third bedroom which is upstairs will really be my attic.

So no pictures or blogging for at least another couple of weeks if not longer. I think a lot of the moving will be done in the next few days if Susan and I can get at it. And work this week has been slow enough I could work extra time without it killing me. Now to get some sleep. And pack.

Knit on! I will try to as I can.