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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Felting For Brooke

At KC today Brooke gave me the yarn she has spun and I have already started making a small felted bowl for her with it. I will work on it tonight and tomorrow because she's coming to get it Wednesday. They don't take that long. Besides, when I'm done I can go back to the alpaca scarf and start another new project (I purchased the yarn today). I also have a felted bowl to do for someone that I promised to do but Brooke comes first! I am going to take a picture of it before felting and post it here and then Brooke is going to felt it and I asked her to take a picture when it's done so we can see the difference. I know everyone likes their felted things differently (I like to be able to still see some of the stitches) so that's why I figure if I knit and she felts, we'll both be happy. :)


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