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Monday, July 17, 2006

A Felted Experiment

Well not being a typical person (I am a mutant after all!) I decided to do an experiment. I wasn't paying attention when I ordered a bunch of yarn from Knit Picks and ended up with fingering weight hand wash instead of regular machine wash 100% merino wool (solved that with the latest order!). Rather than having to make a ton of scarves for people who only have a few days a year to wear them (i.e. Knitting Circle and other friends who live here), I wanted to see if I could really make it felt in the machine anyway.

So I whipped out my short 15" circular needle and cast on the 45 stitches for a small felted bowl. I figured since I was experimenting, I'd try making a rim, intentionally. I used a small amount of what was left from my Secret Pal and cast on, did two rows of knit (all with one strand since it was thicker) and then started with two strands of the fingering weight, using Mist and Pool (Palette from Knit Picks). Basically this is grey and baby blue (in that order). Since my daughter has grey eyes by the combination of one blue gene and one green gene, I though these would be beautiful colors to combine for her. Now that it's done, I see that I was right. And wish I had enough of the green I used for the rim to make one to keep for me. Alas, I do not. But I still have enough of the reddish from my Secret Pal to rim a different bowl.

Now that I have experimented with rims, I will not only keep doing that but maybe see if I can add a pattern of my own in there. Even if it's just a stripe in the middle. Oh this experimenting is fun! Well, when it turns out alright.

As you can see from the top pictures, the bowl is really cute. It isn't as small as Linda's small bowl but it is smaller than my original. To illustrate the point, I am going to put all the comparison pictures in a separate post and explain it.


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