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Saturday, August 05, 2006


Oh dear... I want so badly to talk about some of the other things I have been working on besides my scarf but I can't... I will ruin a birthday present for later this month and some Christmas presents. So please forgive me if I don't talk about much. One thing I can talk about is that I am going to start a few new projects. Kaylee was talking to me about making a list of things she wants to make to give for Christmas and she has inspired me. After KC tomorrow I will make a list sometime next week. I need to buy some green wool to make a small felted bowl for someone who works in my building. I will look at what there is at the LYS since she's having a sale. It has to be a color I like or would use again for someone else which means definitely NOT mint green. I like forest green or grass green but none of the light stuff. Yuck.

I can say that I have not picked up the baby afghan I started and don't think I will. The roadkill will never be finished. If I wasn't so close to being done, I would rip it out. I cannot begin to explain how much I *HATE* that project. That's not the problem with the baby afghan because I love the pattern but I just can't get motivated. That may be a project for the fall.

I am trying to figure out a tactful way to ask my mother if she will get some old jeans from my nephews and set them aside so that I can make some felted bowls while I'm there. :) All I have to do is buy some wool yarn while I'm there. Maybe I can get some at the local Ben Franklin. I will bring the circular I use and the 4 DDPNs that I use. Those are fast and cute and I would love to be able to make a couple while I'm there. I will take some thread, a hook and pattern and work on at least one doily. But as for knitting, I'd prefer to make bowls because I can get yarn there and leave the products there and not have to haul a lot of stuff with me. Of course at this rate, the alpaca scarf will be going because it won't be done. If it *is* done, by some odd stroke of luck, I may take the cashmere Kaylee gave me with me and if I can make that scarf with one ball of yarn, I will make one in the cashmere. The pattern is so simple! I have two patterns memorized that I can do almost in my sleep - the alpaca scarf and a small felted bowl. I love small projects! Yes... I admit it... I am into the instant gratification. Projects that don't take long. I can consider the scarf one of those because the pattern is 4 rows and I can do 4 anytime and even though it takes a while to finish it, doing 4 rows and seeing the pattern develop in those 4 rows is gratifying.

No pictures yet. I will have to work on something that I can take a picture and share. Until then, just know I'm busy. Hope the weather continues to stay fairly decent. Still, can't wait for it to start to really cool down. Then I can knit ALL the time I'm not working.


  • At 9:04 PM, Blogger k said…

    Socks are good for instant gratification... you could try those!! I'm really enjoying my first pair. :) I'm such an enabler!

    I have to start this far ahead due to my schedule and glacierlike rate of knitting. Plus, the planning of projects is half the fun for me... I had a very hard time not talking about the wonderful goodies I was sending my SP.

  • At 11:42 AM, Blogger knitknak said…

    Ya have to take something to knit on the plane right? That's hours of guilt free knitting...the best kind!!!!


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