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Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Knitter's Weekend

I know I said I would post a picture of the striped bowl with one row one color and the next another and back and forth. The truth is it is too darn hot to haul out the camera and take a picture. The colors blended and you can see it's striped but I am not happy enough with it to do more than have it on the kitchen table. No picture.

If you've looked at the weather lately you'll know we're under a horrible heat wave. Finally I had to do something about it. I went to a hotel for Friday night, all day Saturday and Saturday night. I came home to the hotbox today. :)

I took a lot of projects with me but found sleep and just doing nothing was more appealing. I did get one small felted bowl knit and another almost done. I just about finished a doily I am crocheting and trying to decide if I have the heart to give it away for a present. I am afraid I won't get anything much done from now on until September because it's just too darn hot. The only cool place I go where I could knit would be at work but when I'm in my office, even at lunch, there are lots of people going in and out since my office seems to be the pass through (I don't want to talk about the design. It's awful!) Add into the fact all the files are in my office and knitting in there for an hour at lunch is just NOT going to happen. I can't concentrate. So it looks like unless I go somewhere cool, I won't be crafting. And I hate that. It's relaxing for me. Instead I'll just be melting into a pool and passing out into sleep. :)

Now I *know* we need another CHAMPS get together... it's cool for those!


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