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Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Plans

Phooey on the weekend plans. A fierce wind and rain storm yesterday cancelled those. No power at my house since 8:30am Friday morning and no idea when it is coming back. I came to work where I knew we had power, interent, access to coffee and a microwave. A hot lunch and coffee! Yum! I have done some knitting. I finished #3 of the commissioned projects and started #4. It's not very light at my place even with the blinds open due to the dreary weather. More rain and wind over the next couple of days. If we have no power at home tomorrow afternoon I am going to my adopted brother's house for the night. He lives near a substation and always has power. Plus coffee. And a hot shower.

I have done quite a bit of work on the shawl because it's just straight knitting and I can mostly do that in the dark as long as I count to make sure I have the right number of stitches. While it was daylight, and before I left to come to work, I put fringe on the beginning end and cut the same length and number for the finished end so I know how much yarn I really have to finish knitting the shawl with. OK, please, no grammar checkers. I'm too tired right now to correct my own grammar and I am a stickler for correct grammar and proper English. Cut me one break.

I need to make the 6 inch squares and I really wanted to do that this weekend. But without the light at home I probably won't. I just don't want to haul all the yarn etc. to work. The shawl came with me but I have not worked on it because I'd rather post to my blogs and play games and check email. Things I can't do at home. With enough light I can work on the shawl.

I imagine it'll be another early night to bed. Last night it was 5:45pm when I went. It was dark, cold and dreary. And kinda scary with all the sirens. Maybe when I get home there will be power. But I'm not counting on it. I'm already planning when to come to use my work computer/microwave/coffee maker tomorrow and when to go to David's (my adopted brother). I need to do laundry as well as knit. If I don't get power at my house, come Wednesday I won't be going to work because I won't have any clean clothes. Well, I guess I could borrow David's washing machine. But I'm hoping I can stay at my own house and not have to bother him even though I know it isn't a bother.

If I get power back I can still spend what's left of my weekend knitting and watching movies. Now that would be nice. At least I'm well and I have a place or two or three to go. Little blessings but blessings none the less.

Knit on! Or crochet on!


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