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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The List

OK, I said after Christmas I would make the list of what I made so take a deep breath and here it goes:

For Jo, a flipflop washcloth
For Jan, a scarf and a watering can washcloth
For Vicky, a scarf
For 7 co-workers, a green/white/red holiday colored washcloth
For mom, a scarf and hat set (ok... made a few years ago but found and gifted)
For Den, a scarf
For Amy, a washcloth
For Susan, a washcloth
For Andrew (my great nephew), a washcloth
For Heather, a washcloth

Yes, a lot of washcloths (did you count? That's 13 listed but I also made 2 for a holiday swap and gave those away). You'd think that's easy because they're relatively fast to do. Well not with a design in them. Those take longer than you'd think. And the scarves took a while. Add in to that the fact that I added other items to the gifts (for most people) and it was one busy holiday season.

And before you ask, no I haven't started anything for Christmas 2008 yet. I have to finish a commissioned project and my shawl. And Amy's hat. Had I not been sick during my vacation her hat would be done as well as the shawl. But, alas, I was sick.

But there's the list. I am hoping to be able to make things besides washcloths to give next holiday. And yes, washcloths, too. They're nice presents.

Busy fingers. Next is my list of what I plan to work on this year. Gotta think about that before I post it. Especially if I plan to stick to the list!

Happy New Year all!


  • At 10:52 AM, Blogger Corinne said…

    I'm exhausted reading that list!! Happy New Year!

  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Heatherly said…

    man! wish i was the heathe ron your list!

    happy new year!

    are we meeting at all in 2008 for knitting?


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