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Monday, December 17, 2007

About 2008...

What's on my plate for 2008?

1. I am going to work on Amy's hat when I get back from Hemet which means probably somewhere around the 28th. For some unknown reason I just don't seem to want to do it but now that I have the yarn, I must.

2. I will be making some commissioned washcloths. A dozen. That will take time.

3. The raspberry shawl I started then ripped out and have now re-started for the third time which is for me will get done. It's my "inbetween" project. It's just garter stitch - knit every row - which means it's easy to pick up and do just one row at a time. I'm using Homespun yarn which is nubby and bulky and warm and beautiful. I plan to take this to Ally's house with me.

4. Finish the 2 knit washcloths and 2 crochet washcloths I have already started. The knit are a bit harder and require more concentration. One of the crochet ones isn't so much a difficult pattern as just something to pay attention and a bit time consuming.

Am I burning myself out on washcloths? Not yet. But I am starting to get ambition to take on bigger projects. Hence the shawl for me. If that works out, I may finally try the one for my mother again. Her birthday is February but I doubt I would be able to make that deadline. I will try for next year's Christmas present.

Oh wait... these are just the crafty what's up for 2008. If you want to know what's on my plate for 2008 outside of crafting things, go read my regular blog. :p


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