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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Washcloths

I absolutely adore my wonderful friend Jo. I like to make things to give her because she appreciates them so. I need to replace her airport lottery washcloth but until I do, here's the washcloth I made her for Christmas. Yes, it's a pair of flip flops. I purchased the pattern from Knits By Rachel ( I have purchased a few of her patterns and love them. I made one for Mom and I think of all the ones I bought in the first batch, I only have 1 left to make. I haven't made any of the last set I bought. I try to buy 4 at a time and only ones that I can't find a free pattern for but absolutely MUST have. This was one. I wanted to continue what I had started earlier this year. For Jo's birthday in March I gave her an ocean themed package. See, Jo wants to retire to the beach. Can't say I blame her! In fact, she is going back for her birthday in 2008 and I am joining her for 2 nights and we will have a blast! We went in October 2005 and it was one of my most memorable and wonderful times! I am so happy she has asked me to go with her again! So I wanted to continue the theme and found some ocean scented homemade bath salts (or was it gel? I can't remember!), some homemade candles with an ocean scent and made the flipflop washcloth. She also got an ornament and a miniature shoe knicknack thing which she likes which were nto part of the theme but so what. Anyway, I love this pattern and it was easy to do. I chose blue because that's her favorite color.

I do not remember where I got this pattern. For all I know it could have been one of my KALs. Anyway, since Jan, Jo's sister and my next door neighbor, likes to garden (so does Jo but not me!) I thought this watering can washcloth was appropriate for her. Hopefully she'll like it!
I have two dishcloths cast on but may end up taking them out. I am not getting an urge to make another solid color washcloth with a pattern. We shall see. Anyway, these two were fun to make but I haven't made one with a pattern in a long time. Plus I started crocheting again so I'll have to see what mood strikes me once I finish my scarf (and then Amy's hat). I will try to finish the washcloths I have started and then on to other ones. Oh wait... I almost forgot! Using the same crochet pattern as the washcloths I made for the Socks for Soldiers program, I used green/red/white holiday color cotton and made washcloths for the ladies I work with - Jo, Merry, Vicky, Tammy, Jenney, Dawn and I gave one to my friend Tammy Becca, too. I rolled them up, tied them with riboon and put them in a basket with some other goodies. I'm not going to post a picture of the basket, just the washcloth since that's what this post is about. Anyway, they're cute and noliday like and yes, I made a few different patterns with this color (forgot to take a picture of Amy's!) and I have one started with the yarn but that'll be a present for someone next holiday. Or mom if she wants it. :) But I do so like making these - they're quick and fun and most importantly, usable!

For everyone reading this blog, have a Merry Christmas! I will post more when I return from my holiday trip to be with Ally, Sean and Matt. And to see Heather! I leave in a few hours. So again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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