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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Presents for Matt

Will post pictures after vacation of the presents I have made for Matt which he will get when he comes to see his Grammy on her birthday in New Hampshire.

In case I don't get a chance to post again, I leave Saturday morning, early, and probably won't be able to post again for quite some time. I am hoping to be able to go to the library and access the net from there once or twice and maybe from my brother's house but I can't guarantee anything. I know I am supposed to post once a week for the Fall into Autumn Swap and I apologize if that doesn't happen. I will be able to post again from home on the 21st.

I will buy yarn and take pictures and knit and/or crochet while I'm gone so expect a couple of posts anyway. :)

I may not be blogging but I will be crafting!


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