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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Overdue Pictures and Other Things

I had promised to post pictures of what I had done towards reorganizing my second bedroom to accomodate all my crafty things so this morning I finally took pictures. I am dragging today. It's noon already and I have accomplished almost nothing. No laundry, no dusting, no knitting, nothing except to have two cups of coffee, play some games and finally take some pictures.

The picture to the left of the four shelf thingy is where I put a lot of my items that truly needed organizing. The top shelf holds miscellaneous items as well as a nice odd looking basket filled with all the doilies I have made by hand but which are NOT being used at the moment. You can also see the little two drawer chest where I keep a lot of my books and patterns. But the second shelf of the four shelf unit has a bin with lots of knit patterns. The third has a bin with crochet. The bottom shelf holds a lot of swapping related items (or still to be sorted items!).

This next picture (depending on how blogger posts it!) with the pink thing in the front is where I am storing my yarn. The white cabinet with the light blue drawers has all my cotton yarn. Top drawer holds full balls of variegated, the middle full balls of solid and the bottom is my leftovers which I am using for smaller projects. I have a full cone of variegated white and yellow sitting on top because there is no room in the drawers. That means two things. First, no need to buy more yarn. Second, time to concentrate on knitting A LOT MORE!! You may not be able to see it well but behind the pink thing (a rolling organing yarn bag, btw, that I bought myself with a gift certificate to Joann's from my daughter Ally last year) is a 3 drawer organizer where all my various other yarn. It is sorted this way: bottom drawer holds 100% wool which is lightweight. Middle drawer holds 100% wool in medium and bulky weight. The top drawer holds other miscellaneous yummy yarn I have such as a ball of cashmere and three balls of alpaca which I have yet to determine what I will make using it. With winter coming I will be able to get into these drawers, I hope. Just have to make time. I do know, however, that I will need to buy a couple of balls of a coffee-colored wool to make Amy's promised felted hat. And I notice that now KnitPicks has bamboo tips available (in bright swirly colors!) for their Options needles (another treat I bought myself last year) so perhaps, despite the non-need for cotton and the upcoming not-really-needed-but-wanted wool for winter, it is time to go shopping at KnitPicks again. Maybe after my birthday. Use my birthday money for that. :)

OK, the last picture on the right is of the two drawer bookcase I managed to snag at a Salvation Army for $10. Not big and not expensive. I had to nail the back board on but I figured it was perfect for my usage. The drawers are filled with pattern books and printouts and other miscellaneous things I use that are related to crafting. The top holds books and magazines and binders and other things.

Now I have just one final thing I would like to post. I hope I can get blogger to let me put one more picture in here...

To the left are two gorgeous dishcloths. No, I did NOT make these but I absolutely LOVE them. They did NOT come from an exchange. These two beautiful dishcloths were gifts from my dear friend Heather. I can't tell you how gorgeous these are! They are both crochet and I just absolutely love the stitch on both! I will have to get the patterns from Heather. She gave me a ton of wonderful things she had made for me and I am thinking I will have to teach her how to knit when I'm down there sometime. Unless I can convince her to come here for a few days and then we can shop, crochet, knit and cook. She is a very talented lady! She can sew and paint and do just about anything. Me, I knit, crochet, felt and shop. Oh yeah, in winter I can be convinced to cook (I love to cook and am good at it but cooking for 1 is *not* pleasant).
So there are some overdue pictures. This afternoon I will sit down and see if I can make some progress on my scarf and finish a dishcloth. I promised to make Ally a dress dishcloth and I have the yarn and they don't take all that much time, just getting to it. So hopefully I can do that this weekend, too. I want to have something finished today. I really want to have TWO somethings finished today. But I still need to do something about lunch. Maybe instead of Sunday being the day I stay home and do things it'll be today and tomorrow I will go out and do errands. It is looking more and more like that's the direction I'm headed. Oh well... as long as I get some crafting done. And at least I am starting to make progress. :)
One final comment. Even though I don't need it, I bought myself a booklet with some knit dishcloth patterns while I was at Michael's in Hemet last weekend. I am thinking one of those patterns would be interesting to make as a present for my mother. I have three weeks. :)
Any suggestions on what to take as airport knitting when I go would be appreciated. :) I am bringing a few patterns and maybe one ball of cotton yarn and I think the cashmere to make a scarf. Any other cotton I need I can buy while I'm on vacation. Or maybe I'll use that nice wool I bought in Dover last year. I can't pass up a trip to that yarn store, either.


  • At 2:44 PM, Anonymous Kaylee said…

    Beautiful dishcloths! I need to start working on mine. I am trying so hard not to order from Knitpicks, especially with those Harmony needles. And with me interviewing, part of me wants to select a color scheme for my new kitchen and get some Cotlin for towels/dishcloths... I'm trying to hold out until I hear the words "you're hired" but there are times when that is really hard to resist!

  • At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Heather said…

    I'm so glad you like them. Sorry I don't visit the blog that much. I will try much harder. You know all that has been going on in my life. So I hope that you understand. I would love to learn to knit, visit etc. We'd never sleep u know that lol. It would be movies, stitching, eating, shopping, and lots of talking!


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