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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A 50 Moment

Well at least now I can use my age as an excuse. I had none before. :)

I needed to charge up my camera this morning so I did. And completely forgot to take a picture of the Mary Jane slippers before felting. Sorry!

They are felting as I type this and when dry, I will take a picture and post here. Because I have to squeeze the water out and air dry them, I am thinking it's going to take two or three days... I am very unhappy about this because I wanted desperately to take them to work tomorrow and show them off to my friend Vicky who is a knitter and everyone else who saw them "in process". Oh well, at least with luck they will be done by Thursday when I will see Julie, Linda and hopefully Brooke at a BCLPA meeting and be able to show them since they're all working on them, too. If they aren't dry by tomorrow night, I may turn on my heater, set them on top and see if that helps. hehehe

Pictures to come. What I see in the washer when I take them out to check on them (they're almost the right size now after about 26 minutes!) they are going to be really cute. I think this means I will be going out today to find perfect ribbon for the ties. I know buttons are traditional but I like the ribbon idea.

Stay tuned! Same Penguin time! Same Penguin Channel!... er... blog.


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