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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My Birthday

Happy birthday to me!! I am spending it with my twin brother. I received not one but two(!) e-cards today. One for my birthday from my friend Vicky at work and the other was from my Secret Pal 9 who got me! So now I have contacted the person I have and the person who has me has contacted me. Now if we could just do something about this nasty head cold. :)

No pictures until I get back. My friend will tell you this is how sick I am - I have barely knitted since I left California. I know... chocolate cures all. :)


  • At 3:43 PM, Anonymous LindaB said…

    Sorry to hear the B-day girl is sick . . . drats . . . we will just have to make it up when you get back in town . . .


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