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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy Afternoon

Ok it is already way past my bedtime but I am going to try to get at least part of this done tonight. This was one VERY busy afternoon! The KC (Knitting Circle) got together and there were a bunch of us - Linda, Heather, Brooke, me, Irene, Roni, Julie and Gundi (oh forgive me if I've spelled it wrong - I'm tired!). Some of us were learning the Mary Jane slippers (crocheted and felted) from Gundi and other were doing other things. To the left is a picture of the bottom of the right sole that I started today and quite frankly, based on the picture doesn't look like much of anything. Don't worry - if I ever get back to it and finish it (and the second), I will post pictures of the end product so you can see what it really looks like. We also had a combination birthday party for Linda and myself. My birthday was earlier this month and Linda's is Wednesday. The sweet members of the KC gave me a gift certificate to the LYS which I promptly used and there is only a little left. :) Here's a picture of the yarn and needles I purchased. I have a project in mind once I get the pattern. Ignore the upside down label... I told you... I'm tired!

OK the final picture is what my friend Heather gave me for my birthday. I am severely diabled when it comes to making pompoms. I have never been able to. I even told Heather that I am missing the pompom gene (do not ask me about jello!). She gave me this really cool pompom maker that I think is fool-proof. Yes, I'm a fool. And some gorgeous notecards which I adore and some really cool funky yarn. I hope this picture will fit in here But apparently blogger is done with enabling me to put pictures in this post so I will put it in another. :)


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    Very cool SP! I like Encore too!


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