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Monday, October 02, 2006

For Den

This is a bowl I made to give my brother Den for our birthday in 9 days. I wasn't going to put beads on it but yesterday at brunch with my dear friend Amy, she asked if I'd like to go to the bead store nearby. She likes to make earrings (she's made me some beautiful ones!). While there I saw these dark wooden beads that I thought would be perfect for the bowl. I had no idea how many I'd need. I thought 10 so I bought 12. I need 14. So today after work I am headed there on the way home to pick up TWO (2) more. But I want to finish it tonight because I have something else I'm working on that I'd like to have done before vacation officially starts Thursday afternoon. I think the bowl is masculine enough that he'll use it and like it. Hence the chocolate brown rim and green base. Oh, what you probably can't see is that the bottom of the bowl is a matching chocolate brown. Looks like a large circle. I had made one with the "bottom" but it was a small bottom and looked like a button. :) Still, I do think he'll like it. I know I do. Hence posting the picture. (OK, I'm bragging again... can't help it!) Again. For those of you who get bowls for Christmas without beads, don't be disappointed. It's a lot of work so I'm not doing it all the time! Fair warning. :) And remember, this is for my BROTHER and our BIRTHDAY. Very special this year, even more so than most.


  • At 6:05 PM, Anonymous brople said…

    OK - so a wooden bead. You are attaching after you felt?? Just wondering. I love the bowls. Charming, just charming. Keep up the good work. You should make one and see if Devvy will let it hang out at the store for folks to see and be inspired.

  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous LindaB said…

    love the bowl and I am curious also about when you attached the wooden beads . . . you know you are going to have to give us all a class on how you do these (hey maybe you could do that a Devvy's this way you could get some money to buy more string!!!!! PS . . . do you think brople is Brooke?????


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