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Friday, August 18, 2006

Revise Your Resume Crafters!

I have recently been thinking it's time to develop a resume. I haven't needed one for a very long time but here's something I think certain employers would appreciate:

Special Skills:

(1) Can knit a small felted bowl in 1 hour. This equals three completedly felted bowls per day, minimum.
(2) Can smell a yarn sale within 5 miles.
(3) Can completely re-decorate a house in hand-made doileys, fleece blankets, afghans and artfully arranged vases of unique and special knitting needles and/or crochet hooks.
(4) Excel at a frightning, lightning pace of 60 spm (stitches per minute)

Gotta be someone who'd like to hire me knowing this about me, don't you think? Imagine... since I'm a probate paralegal, I could knit for the dead!


  • At 12:02 PM, Anonymous brooke said…

    I think you would make a "killing" selling felted coffin cozies!! LOL. You crack me up! I took 3 projects to conference - did not knit even 20 stitches. the road was too bumby for lacey knitting while driving and once I arrived, it was work work work.

  • At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Linda B said…

    WOW . . . I didn't know you had so many talents . . . where have you been hiding them . . . coffin cozies - I don't think you should go there even if there is a market for them - that's just plain sick!!!!


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