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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Felted Bowl - Part Deux

As I've said before, when I get it in my head to do something, I just keep at it until I do it. Well last night after admiring my small felted bowl all day long and thinking about the wonderful yummy wool my great Secret Pal sent me that was sitting in the bag with the cashmere and alpaca (hints someone on what I can make with these!), I said that I was definitely going to make a large bowl. I saw that the pattern called for 125 yards and the balls were 110 yards. Yikes! Well, I figured somehow it would work because even when I knit "loosely", it's still a lot tighter than most people. One ball was more greenish and the other was orange/red/yellow. I had no idea what it would look like together but I didn't really have any concerns because the other two matched so beautifully together that I knew no matter what, I'd like it. And once you felt it's kinda hard sometimes to tell what the original colors were anyway (hence I am really glad I took pictures!).

Because the large bowl starts with 55 stitches (small with 45) I knew that if I followed what Linda had done for the small one, I could make the large one fit on the circular without a problem. I did! Surprise! Anyway, I also made it through another session with the DDPs! I went out to the clothesline and took the two pair of now-dry jeans off the line. I had bought them at the thrift store just for felting. Thanks for that hint, again, Roni! Again, I took a picture of it before felting which I will post here. The bowl is not dry yet but I will also post a picture of it after felting. I'll post a picture of the bowl completely dry and the inside probably tomorrow. I ran it through the wash twice and yes, you can still see some of the stitches but I like that. I didn't want to lose too much size. And like the small one, it went down one size. I look at this one drying and think, "well probably one more time wouldn't hurt" but I just like it as it is and won't do anything more than let it dry. I suppose if I was going to give it away I might just so it would be totally fuzzy but still, I really like the bowl this way.

I can't stress enough how incredibly EASY these are to make. Maybe Roni and I should set up shop - she can make purses and I can make bowls. hehehehe. I am thinking that if I can get a good deal on some wool yarn on-line I might make a small and large set to give a couple of people I know who are hard to buy for. I am especially thinking about making some as birthday gifts. I know my friend Amy (who knits some, too) would probably like them. And someone else who I won't name (forget it Roni... you're so good at felting and EVERYTHING that once you make a set, you'll never stop!). These are addicting. They basically can be done in one night including the felting.

And now that I am starting to get over my intense hatred (now it's just a normal "I don't like you" relationship) with the DDPs, maybe I'll tackle another project or two out of the "One Skein" book.

Since blogger is having difficulties, I will try to post the pictures in another post.


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