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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Here is what the bowl looked like before felting. It really was a gorgeous color!

Hopefully you can see the yellow/orange in with the red.

Here is what it looks like on the bowl still drying and you can see it's fuzzy but hasn't lost all its color. I think if I had felted until you couldn't see stitched anymore, it wouldn't have the color I like. It's not as vibrant but it's still there.


  • At 7:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That is an absolutely gorgeous color.
    I can't believe you finished another one so quickly!

    SP :)

  • At 1:51 PM, Anonymous Linda said…

    CONGRATS on getting over your fear of trying new things when they call for the "dreaded DPN's" . . . I can't wait to see you beauitful bowls on the the 9th up close and personal . . .

  • At 10:39 PM, Blogger knitknak said…

    Oh my gosh, that does look like a beanie before felting huh? I just love how they turned out Lynn...Nice Job!


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