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Monday, June 05, 2006


Oh WOW! My Secret Pal is absolutely THE GREATEST!! She definitely is spoiling me! I received a package filled with wonderful things to use and try! I will try to post pictures of the yarn groups etc. by themselves in the next post. Here's a picture of everything. The back row contains some gorgeous pink note cards and a pink journal. There is shower gel, body lotion and bath salts in lemon raspberry which I can't wait to try! Also in the back is a gorgeous ball of CASHMERE yarn! And because I haven't used Alpaca, my wonderful secret pal sent me FOUR! balls of really gorgeous alpaca yarn which is in the front of the picture. And then there were 4 balls of wonderful wool yarn which I am going to use to make a felted bowl (or bowls if there's enough). There are beautiful stitch markers for me to use. A box of GODIVA chocolates to eat while I'm knitting. AND there was a beautiful note. I can't gush enough about how special my Secret Pal is... that's what I have determined she really is... besides Secret Pal, she is a Special Pal. Thank you!!! And over the weekend she recommended a bunch of books, too! Am I lucky or am I lucky?!?!!! Thank you VERY VERY MUCH SP!!


  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger Heatherly said…

    ooooh lala!
    once you use the alpaca you may never want anything else!

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