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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Leaving The Comfort Zone

I have been going through a mid-knit crisis of sorts. I actually put a project away yesterday and told my friend LB that I just wanted to put it in the closet and never touch it again. I am discouraged. A crisis of knit. I think I have been working on too many new things. I was comfortable in the old k1p1 genre. Nothing complicated. Now I know how to felt, m1, w&t and just am going places I'm not sure I'm comfortable with yet. I am out of my comfort zone and it is making me not only doubt my abilities but taking some of the joy away, too. So when I finish the next two small projects, I am going to take a week off (I hope I can! I have a project I really want to do but it's not for me.). I am also wondering if some of it is because I haven't made anything for just me lately. All the new things I've learned are overwhelming sometimes. I'm not comfortable anymore. So to get so I'm comfortable again, perhaps what I need is a small break and then when I start again, start with the Spring Fling purse which will be for me. I've been pushing hard and working on a lot of things. I guess we all need a break. So maybe it's only a mini mid-knit crisis. Time to not rush anymore. And take a few days off. I will sleep a little more, relax and then by next weekend I will be ready to knit 'til I drop again. :)


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