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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I have a few. Yes, these are crafty. First, I bought myself 3 knitting books as a Mother's Day present to myself. Second, I am going to a convention starting Thursday and I am taking not one but TWO projects with me! One is crochet, the other is knit. Both are baby blankets. Third confession, I am an email junkie. I am hoping I can live for 3.5 days without my email and my blog. Part of me is secretly hoping there's a computer with internet access in the lobby that we can borrow. My final confession is a painful one. I cannot seem to crochet or knit without some form of chocolate nearby. This is painful because I have yet, at my age, learned how to eat chocolate without getting it embedded in any white project I am working on (and the crochet baby blanket it white!). Oh heaven help me... my only hope is to crochet while we're on the road. It's harder to reach for chocolate then!


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