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Monday, February 04, 2008

Cleaning Up

I have this habit. Before I go on vacation anywhere, even if it's just for a weekend, I do a bunch of cleaning up of my craft things as well as regular things. Thursday night after work I go to Sacramento to catch a plane to go see Matt. Y'all know that already.

Tonight I put away all the patterns I had hanging around that I had been looking at. I put the gads of cotton scraps and partial balls and big balls and full balls away in the sorting drawers where they belong. I put away the scraps of miscellaneous projects I had finished with non-cotton yarn. The scraps from my divine raspberry scarf, the soft tan divine yarn I used for Vicky's scarf and even what was left of the raspberry Homespun from my shawl. I am thinking of maybe pushing to crochet the 4 flowers I know are desperately needed for my shawl.

But tonight I put away things. I admit it looks better. The baskets have room and you can actually see the bottom of the basket. I keep saying I will do it but I never do it until I'm ready to go somewhere. Maybe I should trick myself and tell myself that every Saturday I am going somewhere and then Friday I will pick up the weekly scraps. Actually, every Saturday seems to be errand morning. Maybe it wouldn't be a trick.

I am making a lot of progress on Amy's hat but almost none on Mom's shawl. That will be airport knitting. And I will push myself to make sure I do. I desperately need to make some progress on that. I am feeling guilty about it like I did about Amy's hat. Only difference is at least it was started before I began to feel guilty. hehehe

I have yet to pick out the pattern for the one project I want to start but won't talk about here. I don't want the wrong person reading or speculating and that could be anyone reading this blog!

I know... no picture of the neck scarf yet. Trust me - it's very little. Still, I used it this morning when it was 31 degrees outside and it did keep my neck warm. And it's so cute. hehehe

Knit! Crochet! Laugh! And trust me, a good laugh is a craft. So craft on! This concludes today's session of Crafty Rantings. We now return you to your regular life.


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