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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hello Again!

Today is my mom's birthday! She is 74 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

She doesn't have a computer so she won't see this but I will call her. If she had a computer we would be emailing and doing IM all the time. And then she'd see all the posts here about what I am making for her so sometimes I'm glad she doesn't have one. hehe

The 40% coupon for Joann's yelled at me from its spot near my purse so on my way today between WalMart and Costco, I will go looking at Joann's. I may see if they have some wool I could felt with in a color or two I've been looking for but their selection is slim. Getting bigger all the time, granted, but still slim. But at 40% off, I can at least look at their selection.

I am halfway done on #7 of the commissioned washcloths and hope to finish that today and start #8. I just need to put aside something I was working on. I haven't worked on Mom's shawl and I want to do that, too. I do know, however, that it's great airport knitting so I will be taking that with me Thursday when I fly to Ally's and I will get quite a bit done on that so I'm not worried. But they do take a while to knit.

I have made quite a bit of progress on Amy's hat although I haven't worked on it in the last couple of days. I wasn't feeling well. That may be tomorrow's project while I stay home in my jammies like I usually do. I get a lot of knitting done on the weekend. I have more energy. After working all day I am usually too beat and uninterested in doing much more than crawling into bed.

I laid out yarn for projects on the futon in my second bedroom about 2 weeks ago. I put them in order that I wanted to make them inbetween what I have already going (commissioned washcloths, mom's shawl and one other thing). I fear I will never get back to the washcloths with the complicated patterns that I am making for myself. Those just aren't a priority because they're for me. But at some point they will have to if I want those size 7 needles back. Of course I only use those for washcloths. Right now I have one empty pair. I don't want to buy another. I think I have 5 pair already and only 1 is empty. Oh yes, time to finish up the washcloths!

I'm getting another cup of coffee, going to do a couple things and then maybe I will have time to knit a bit before I go out for errands. And maybe not. I will have all afternoon to do that anyway. Sometimes I get tired of working on things and just put everything aside and watch tv for an hour. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, until later, have a great Saturday and craft away if you craft. If you don't, do something you love! I will! You, too!


  • At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wow- you are so productive these days! It's truly inspiring. Hopefully once I move next week, I can keep up with you!


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