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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sing With Me... "I'm A Believer..."

You didn't believe me, did you. Go ahead. It's OK. Tell me you're still skeptical. How many times have I posted up, "I need to start Amy's hat" and how often have you said, in return, "Yeah, right." Well so there. C'mon... if you're breathing on your own you know the song by The Monkees (some day I will have something to say about them on my Ramblings of a Mutant Penguin blog but not here...). Start singing... "I'm a believer..." Why? Well, looky here my skeptical friends, crafty or not:

There it is... might be hard to see. It's on circular needles sitting on top of the two skeins of yarn I am using to make the hat. I took a different picture but it was even harder to figure out. Hopefully you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see it better.
But see! I did it! I cast it on yesterday morning and got working on it after Amy and I went to see "Juno" and have breakfast together. Last night I was too tired to do much. But at least it is started.
So start singing. Now.


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