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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mary Jane Slipper Update

Everybody keeps asking so here's the update... But first, my friend LB told me that another member of the KC (Knitting Circle) felted her Mary Jane slippers last Monday and on Friday they were still damp. I put mine on a rack (which I have to return and get a replacement because one rod was broken and I didn't notice!) and today they sat in the sunshine on the windowsill in my office. I did put them on to show a friend tonight and they're still damp. I am hoping they are completely dry by Sunday when I want to wear them to an event at the convention.

From here I am going to email the lady who wore the sample pair at our last KC meeting and ask her to find out how long the darn triple sole things take to dry. It's frustrating. And maybe she can tell me some way to finally get those thick soles to dry so I can wear them!

Hopefully Friday I will have time to take a picture and post it to show y'all the ribbon I put in to tie them. The nice thing is if it frays or I don't like it anymore, I can buy something else and change it.

Sorry... still wet.


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