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Friday, October 14, 2011


Bet you'd love me to post an update, huh. Well I finally have started crafting again and I have a couple of pictures but need to get them off my camera. And part of the problem is that if my daughter reads this she will know what she's getting for Christmas so instead I will just see about posting the picture of the scarf I gave Tammy for her birthday.

Just know that finally I am doing something. It is something to keep my mind off the fact that there aren't many jobs to apply for that pay enough to cover my bills (which really aren't that high). I am still applying and testing and interviewing and hoping and praying. With no extension I will be out of luck in January. And with the filing deadline for extensions only good for those unemployed prior to June 1, 2011 this means that I get 23 weeks versus the person who lost their job a week before me who can get 99 weeks.

So if I'm not updating this or crafting a lot, please be understanding. I am stressed out. And trying hard to hang in there.


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