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Sunday, September 06, 2009

A Little of This, A Little of That

I have been experimenting with patterns and edgings, still. Lots of washcloths. I have two other projects partially started but just can't get motivated to work on them. I still have today and tomorrow of the long weekend so maybe I will force myself to work on them.

I had been doing crochet exclusively because I was tired of knitting. Then I made a washcloth for my friend Vicky's birthday at the end of last month and while I was putting that pattern away,found another one I had done before that I liked and decided to make it. After that I ended up making two in that same pattern and I have one on the needles now that is almost done. I should finish that today.

So here is one knit and one crochet.

The crochet one on the right is a nice pattern that I like. The edging was an experiment and some days I like it and some I don't. Right now I am working on one that is knit and one that is crochet. I am doing a bunch with one variegated tan/white/yellow in crochet because it's fast and they'll be sent to Ally and Matt when I have maybe 3 of them. I have one finished and one halfway done.

My next "project" will be to figure out what pattern books and needles and hooks and yarn to take on vacation next month. I want to send some of that to my mom's house first so I don't forget them.

And I have no idea what Amigurumi is but they do a lot of swaps for those on swap-bot and I am thinking it's time to research it and see if it's something I would want to learn to do. I have gotten stuck doing simple things, nothing truly challenging. I think it's a result of having no one to knit or crochet with or talk to about it much. Those of us who craft alone tend to stick with what we know how to do - scarves, washclothes, blankets, shawls, hats. Nothing too difficult.

I need someone to knit or crochet with to challenge me. And I hate going to group things at the local yarn stores. For one thing the groups always meet when I'm at work which doesn't help. Maybe I should think about some serious goals. I remember making a cardigan sweater with a zipper in college. That was hard. But I was motivated by a roommate who knitted. My roommates these days are guys and dogs. Not too much motivation. :)

I will keep doing something crafty. Promise.


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