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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Vacation Projects for Andrew

While on vacation I realized the Andrew, my brother's grandson, had only received one hat from me when he was just about a month old. He is so adorable. He needs homemade things. He needs love from Great Aunt Lynn. So I started working on a few things. First I hit the sale at Joann's my first full day in New Hampshire and bought the fleece to make him his own blanket. Typical kid one - 1.5 yeards instead of 2. It looks like this:

So then I obviously had to make him something else. And I had this yarn I had purchased last year in Dover (NH) at the yarn store that was sitting there doing nothing and right before I left for vacation I got his idea that a New Hampshire boy needed a New Hampshire scarf made from wool from New Hampshire sheep, hand spun and dyed in New Hampshire. So I found a very simple scarf pattern that I could continue to follow without instructions that I thought would make a nice scarf for Andrew. The pattern was called "Mistake Rib" which is really easy. Anyway, the end product looked like this:

Ah and then it came to me that while I had made bibs for Matt, I hadn't made one for Andrew. So I saw a cotton variegated that I liked and made this:
Now all I need to do is make him a hat for this winter. I expect I'll be searching for a child's hat pattern soon. Hopefully something fast and easy and not too darn big. Last hat I tried to make was way too big.

But now Andrew has some homemade love from Great Aunt Lynn. He certainly deserves it!

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering... here's Andrew (Isn't he adorable!):


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