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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Two For Mom

I had been working on this scarf for a while. I finally managed to finish it and send it to Mom. It's such an easy pattern and so much fun. I think I've made 3 or 4 or maybe more in this pattern. I may even have put it on the blog before but just to repeat: Size 11 needles, 18 stitches, K1 *YO K2together* repeat to last stitch, K1. Every row is the same. And the result is so pretty! Mom loved it! And here's a picture of what I just sent her. It's a cowl. Another extremely easy knit. I used Homespun yarn for this one. My friend Vicky from work shared the pattern with me from her knitting pattern-a-day calendar. I had one last year but this year opted for just the crochet. I couldn't find the knit one that I was looking for and I've been crocheting quite a bit. Anyway, here's the cowl that mom should receive Monday or Tuesday of next week:

The cowl is being modeled by a teddy bear I purchased at the Quota wine tasting and silent auction held every October. His permanent residence is the chair he is in which goes to the diningroom table. I like having him there. Anyway he was the perfect model for the cowl. Hopefully it will be just right for mom. She has a skinny neck.

I am currently making myself one in a blue Homespun yarn but I increased to size 9 needles (used 8 for Mom's) and am thinking that even so, if it turns out to be too tight for my three chins I can always make another with an extra 10 stitches to make it really drape. Nice that the pattern is easy enough you can customize and make it bigger without bigger needles or with bigger needles.

So I'm busy and moving along. Haven't made a washcloth in ages. I should make some and start getting rid of my cotton. Or start making something else with the cotton. I bet I've got $500 or more worth of cotton in my house. Oh wait... yeah... it is DEFINITELY more. Maybe double that. (I try not to think about it!)

When I finish the cowl for me today I'll have to see what's next. Looking for inspiration!

Crafting happens where Penguins Rule!


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